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First thing's first ... I unfortunately did not place in this qualifier. I made top 8 and lost in another re-match again Bgirl La Vix (man she's tough). But, you can't win em all and nor can you perform your best every single time. This event I was not up to par, despite all efforts I made to get my head in the game.

The bright side of this whole trip comes in two parts: (a) I got to enjoy this trip with my mom in our most favorite place to be together; beautiful New York city, and (b) I learned that my young distant cousin really looks up to me as she was watching me live and watched all of my qualifiers. It really is something special when kid's start to look up to you and view you as a role model, idol, or even a hero.

The event itself was incredible. There were numerous OG's of the USA breaking scene. The amount of knowledge and history in that building was incredible. A word of advice ... always take the opportunity to speak to our OG's, especially when they are willing to share hip hop history. Some day that knowledge will come from books and word of mouth and not directly from the source that lived it. Take advantage of that.

An update to my personal life ... chaos. My husband actually left Alaska and officially moved to Arizona while I was in New York. So I was quite busy with finalizing arrangements and handling those stresses leading up to this qualifier. Not to mention I'm still working full-time and going to school full-time. Needless to say, I've got a bunch of things on my plate.

Although I didn't receive a medal this round, learning how to lose is part of the game. One mental mantra I've adopted for this situation is simply this; 'The starving wolf will always work harder than the wolf with a full belly.' You must fail before you can rise.

Next up is Orlando, FL followed by what will soon be my new home, Phoenix, AZ!

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