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Coming off a win from the previous weekend, I felt a lot less pressure and a lot more confidence going into this qualifier. My goals for this weekend was to execute more of my new arsenal and to finish in a medaling position. I achieved both of those goals with a 3rd place finish and the execution of some of my new material. Meanwhile, on the homefront, my husband was continuing to check off boxes on our 'things to-do' list for our move to Arizona. He has been such a huge support in this whole process by ensuring that matters concerning our move are handled while I am away and taking care of our home and kids (2 German Shepard's and a cat)

Unfortunately, this trip didn't quite go so smoothly. I left work early on Thursday to catch a 5pm flight and arrived in Austin, TX at 5am. I normally travel on Delta airlines so that I can have access to the airport lounges to relax and get food. I was not traveling on Delta this time so I paid to get access into a different airport lounge so that I could at least be in a quiet place in the airport. I slept on the floor for almost 6 hours and stayed in the airport for a total of 10 hours. My hotel wasn't going to be available for check in until 3pm. When I showed up to the hotel at 5pm my room wasn't even ready. I had to wait another 2.5 hours until it was ready. Needless to say, the hotel wasn't exactly that great. So right off the bat things weren't going well. I have been to Texas before for competitions and work. I honestly haven't had the best experiences in Texas so this made my vibe kinda off as well.

Luckily, one of my crew mates from my hometown crew EOR came through for the day of the prelims. On top of that, the Texas scene has always been quite supportive of me so it wasn't like everything was doom and gloom. However, as I get older, I've learned that having optimal travel accommodations really helps to achieve a relaxed and well-rested state of mind.

Prelims was the day before competition day. I danced a bit too much on the prelim day so I woke up tired, sore, and stiff. When the battles started I felt ready to go but not quite as good as I had felt the weekend before. The competition and skill level was a lot higher this weekend for sure. I had an amazing battle with Bgirl Pep-C and she definitely deserved her victory over me. She was on point and I could tell she was pulling out all the stops. My weakness in breaking has always been toprocking and having the ability to really get loose and vibe out with the music. I don't have a natural groove or talent for dance. Pep-C definitely got me and my power, blow-ups, and dynamics weren't enough this time to compensate for my weakness. I walked away not upset whatsoever. How can I be upset at something that I know is my weakness?

From here on out, I am definitely going work on my weakness, as that is the key to unlocking my true potential. One of the judges, Bgirl Candy (Mighty Zulu Kings, NYC) said once I get that last missing element into my style then I would be unstoppable. My mentor, Bboy Moy (Havikoro, TX) said something similar to that as well as he was standing behind me supporting me while I was battling.

Before closing out this blog and re-cap of the Texas Breaking Open, I want to sincerely congratulate Bgirl La Vix in her win this weekend. Now she'll get to rep the USA at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. She 100% deserved that win and I'm sure here and I will be going toe to toe again in these up-coming qualifiers. For now, I'm looking forward to the next two weeks of training as I prepare for the Midwest Minneapolis Open. Stay tuned!

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