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Olympic Journey

It has always been my dream to be a part of Team USA and participate in the Olympics. To me, outside of serving my country in the military, there is no greater honor than to represent my country as an Olympian. However, this journey is not without challenges.

Currently, I live in Arizona. However, up until 2022, I lived in Alaska, where I was the only Bgirl in Alaska. This made traveling quite expensive. I also woke up at 4am every morning in order to train online with my mentors. 

Fast forward to now, I have officially made Team USA Breaking! This is history in the making as I am one of the first breakers to be on this first ever team AND one of the first breakings to step foot in the Olympic training facility.

As of now, Steppix is my only sponsor. Although I am grateful, it is going to take much more funding and support to get me to Olympic qualifiers. 

If you are interested in sponsoring me, or donating to my travels, click the link below or get in contact with me!

Olympic Journey: About
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