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  • Brianna Pritchard

Orlando & Phoenix Open

What's up y'all!! It's been a minute since I've last updated you. But here's the skinny on the last two events of the BFGUSA series. I was able to grab another medal (bronze) at the Orlando, Florida open. The very next weekend was the PHX open, and I ended up getting really sick and could not compete at my best. Still, I was able to make top 8, giving me enough points for the upcoming BFGUSA of which I am now ranked #2 in the BFGUSA series. This is great news because in order to make Team USA, I must either get 1st or 2nd place at National's or finish in the top 2 w/ points. Mathematically, I have no almost guaranteed my spot on the team! This is great news because for the next month I will be planning on my and my husbands move to Arizona. We are driving so wish us luck!

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