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We have now reached the Midwest! After having a weekend off from the last qualifier in Texas, my batteries felt recharged and I was ready to go. As always, I set a goal for myself going into this qualifier. Coming off of a 3rd place finish in the Texas qualifier, I wanted improve this weekend by making it to the finals. Thus, my goal for the Midwest Open was to make it to the finals, snag a silver medal, take my time, & dance more. I whole heartedly wanted a silver so I could complete my collection of having all medals (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

This by no means meant I was going to hold back, but I desperately needed to set and achieve and reasonable goal coming off of the horrible weekend I experienced in Texas. The battle that stuck out the most to me was against Sasha Fox out of Canada (link below). This was an interesting battle for me because her amazing flexibility and high profile of glamorous moves made me bring out my own 'crowd pleasures' and flashy moves. I even brought out my 'forbidden signature.' If you don't know what that signature is... well, then you have no idea the origin of my name snap. Please do check out the battle, as SashaFox is not one to be underestimated and is EXTREMELY TALENTED.

SashaFox vs. Snap1:

The finals had, once again, me and Bgirl La Vix facing off. At this point, I want to point out that both of us were pretty tired from being at the competition all day. Compared to the other two events; I am sorry to say but this one was horribly organized in terms of planning. Everything got backed up after the teen battles started, meaning the Bgirl and Bboy portions suffered by starting almost two hours late. That's a long time to try and stay physically warm, composed, and focused (let alone motivated). But, all in all, I'm not disappointed whatsoever with my performance or outcome. My other goal was to dance and to take my time more. Of which, I achieved this goal. Now that I have all medals, its' time to rack up golds.

In other news, my husband, cousin, and I, got the pleasure to visit Paisley Park. If you didn't know, I am a dedicated Prince fan. This was a very special moment for me as I happened to be in Minnesota a week after his passing in 2016. Now, in 2022, I am able to re-visit his home and learn even more about just how much of an amazing human he was. Like many, my heart hurts for his passing. But this is what is amazing about this Breaking journey, is that it has taken me to so many places where I have met so many people and embarked on so many experiences. It definitely beats a 9-5... it also makes me realize that I am blessed to have a life that gives me more than an arduous and bland schedule. And it's all because of breaking and hip-hop...

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