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Welcome to my first blog post and thank you for reading! I'm going to update you on what is soon to come in my journey towards the Olympics. First things first, I have to make the team. This in itself is a dream of mine, to become a member of Team USA and to be taken care of and treated like a world class athlete. Above is the competition schedule, and I will be attending all six qualifiers! This is what I have been waiting and saving for during my recent deployment to Iraq. Here's the skinny, winners of each qualifier will automatically have a spot in the National Qualifier. Team USA will have a total of four bboys & 4 bgirls by the end of the national competition. This will be decided by the 1st and 2nd place breakers at the national championship and the two breakers who have accumulated the most points in the qualifying season.

I think it is important to also highlight that I do not break full-time. I work a full-time job fixing helicopters for the Alaska Army National Guard and I also go to school full-time pursuing a Bachelor's in Kinesiology. My goal is to represent for the working class and show that is completely possible to achieve your dreams and be a high caliper athlete while working that 9-5 and fulfilling all of life's responsibilities. With that being said, this journey I am about to embark on is not only to qualify for Team USA, but also to become and earn the right to be called the people's champ.

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